Ans ter Woerds, SURF eContent for education, Netherlands

E-learning, e-skills, education and research development

After a studies in library management, Ans started her working career in 1981 at the library of Nyenrode Business Universiteit, the oldest private business university in The Netherlands. There shestarted as information specialist, was involved in international networks of business schools, worked for three months at different Canadian university libraries, did a part-time masterstudies in social cultural sciences at the Free University in Amsterdam, and became managerof the libraryof Nyenrode for the last six years. In 1999 she became manager of the Knowledge and Information Centre of Rabobank, the largest co-operative bank in the Netherlands for six years.In the meantime, while working full time, she spends lots of privatetimewithprofessional activities: was board member of the Dutch Library Associationfor many years, was and is member of different committees and organizationsin the professional area, has set up educational modules in library management, she has organized over 20 international study tours for scientific librarians and is still organizing these, has set up the INLN International Numismatic Libraries’ Network while working as librarian at theMoney Museum, was editor of theDutch professional journal IP Information Professional for over 15 years and is now editor of De Beeldenaar, a Dutch numismatic journal, and was and is involvedin different international organizations.The past six years Ans is senior contract manager content at SURF, the collaborative organization for IT in Dutch education and research, and negotiates transformative agreements with international publishers for the Dutch higher education institutions and writes the consortium agreements. SURF is an active member of ICOLC the International Coalition of Library Consortia and we are sharing a lot of information and knowledge in our professional area, especially with all the developments in open access, open science, digital education, etc.And as a member of the Knowledge Exchange network, she also participates in the Task & Finish Group Small Publishers and the Transition to Open Access.