Eli Shmueli, IUCC MEITAL, Israel

E-learning, e-skills, education and research development

Presentation title: How NRENs Can Accelerate Adoption of Learning Technologies on a National Level

Eli Shmueli is the Director of MEITAL, the Israeli Inter-University Centre for e-Learning (IUCEL), which is part of IUCC, Israel’s NREN. MEITAL assists and promotes Israeli institutions of higher educationtoadvancetheadoption and deployment ofe-learning technologies and creates communities forconnection and collaboration betweenof member colleges and universities. Eli has decades of experience in developing and implementing e-learning technologies inboth academia andindustry. As Director of MEITAL, he established collaborations with national and international organizations promotingusage of learning technologies andopen educational resources (OER) such as MERLOT and OCW-C. He is partnerinfiveErasmus+ and Horizon2020 projects. Hewasalso active in the Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe’s (PRACE) development of on-line trainingandMassive Open Online Courses (MOOCs).