Erik-Jan Bos


Erik-Jan Bos is Policy & Strategy Officer at NORDUnet, where he has worked since 2011.

Among other things, he is project leader of the Advanced North Atlantic (ANA) collaboration that led to the world’s first clear channel 100G intercontinental lambda. ANA, together with ESnet and the NEAAR

Project, runs a 800 Gbit/s fully resilient system for research and education across the North Atlantic Ocean. Erik-Jan is also a co-chair of the Global Network Architecture (GNA) technical working group, that works towards defining an ambitious, all-inclusive blueprint for the next generation global network interconnect for research and education.

Erik-Jan previously worked for more than 23 years at SURFnet, the Dutch national research and education network, where he achieved the position of CTO.

His degree from Delft University of Technology included research into the performance of wide area networks.