Irina Matthews, EaPConnect Project Manager, GÉANT, UK

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EaPConnect Project Manager; joined GEANT in 2017. Previously worked for worldwide corporate business as well as local government in UK; expertise and experience include computer science, business management and finance, counselling and coaching.

About EaPConnect

The EaPConnect project is funded by the European Union (the EU4Digitalinitiative). EU4Digital promotes the developments in the key areas of the digital economy and society.

The Eastern Partnership (EaP) is a regional and multilateral initiative between the EU and its fiveEastern partners:Azerbaijan, Georgia, the Republic of Moldova, Ukraine and Armenia.

The Eastern Partnership Connect (EaPConnect) project aims to:

•Establish a high-capacity internet network for research andeducation (R&E) across Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova,Ukraineand Armenia

•Integrate EaP national research and education networks(NRENs) into GÉANT, the pan-European Research and Education network

•Enable more scientists, students and academics in the region to participatein global Research and Education collaborations

•By interconnecting the Research and Education communities across the region and with their European counterparts, EaPConnect will create a gateway for talented individuals and organisations in the EaP countries to be truly global partners.