Jacek Gajewski, National Center for Nuclear Research, Poland

Cybersecurity / Cyberforensics

Presentation title: Cybersecurity Laboratory and Education initiatives in CEE

Dr. Jacek Gajewski works as an International Projects Coordinator at National Centre for Nuclear Research in Poland. Served as Secretary-General of the Association of NRENs (CEENet) and as a consultant for EC, NATO, UNDP, ENISA and OSI, co-chaired 20+ workshops and lead 10+ IT projects. Principal investigator of the CyberLAB project, which discovered several “zero-day” vulnerabilities in PLCs. Currently organizes international cooperation and education systems for the protection of critical infrastructures and the supportfor Ukrainian scientists. Awarded with Golden Cross of Merit for creating the Polish Internet and with “Crystal Brussels” as the best Polish H2020 grant writer.