Mehmet Mirat Satoglu, Director of TUBITAK ULAKBIM

Open Science: collaboration and knowledge dissemination

Presentation title: How we Embraced Open science?

Mehmet Mirat Satogluis Director of TUBITAK ULAKBIM, Turkish NREN.Mehmet Mirat Satoglu holds a BS degree from Computer Science department, Bilkent University, MSc and MLA degrees from EgeUniversity and University of Pennsylvania respectively. He worked as an IT professional for nearly 20years at various international companies before joining TUBITAK ULAKBIM. He has been leading TUBITAK ULAKBIM since 2014. Mehmet Mirat Satoglu currentlyrepresents TUBITAK and Turkey as delegate in G√ČANT, SCOAP3, EOSC, EGI and EuroHPC boards.