Masuma Mammadova, Institute of Information Technology of ANAS, Azerbaijan

In 1973 she graduated from the faculty of mechanics and mathematics of Azerbaijan State University (present Baku State University).In 1973-1977 she had been working as a junior scientific researcher of the Department of automation and modeling of petrochemical processes in the Institute of Petrochemical Processes of AMEA.In 1977-80 she studied in the special-purpose post-graduate course in the Institute of Cybernetics of the Ukraine Academy of Sciences (Kiev). In 1981-1987 she worked as a researcher at the “Applied Linguistics” department of the Institute of Linguistics of Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences, and investigated the Natural languages automatic processing problems.In 1987 she transferred to the Department of Automated Control Systems of Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences (since 2002 Institute of Information Technologies of ANAS), worked in positions of leading engineer and team leader. In 2017 she was selected as a Corresponding Member of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences on “Informatics” specialty.She is currently Head of Department of the Institute of Information Technology of ANAS.