Nicolai Iliuha


Nicolai Iliuha is a Leading Specialist at RENAM, the Research and Educational Networking Association of Moldova, where he has worked since 2010. He is responsible for new technologies and service implementation: server hardware and software installation, setup and administration; virtualisation on ProxMox, CitrixXEN and VMware; clusters on virtual machines and bare-metal servers; Grid site development and support; cloud middleware administration; installation and setup of network equipment; organisation of RENAM’s virtualised infrastructures monitoring; development and support of back-up systems; providing user support, organising workshops and training.

Nicolai was responsible for user community support and solving of operational issues in the framework of EGI-Inspire, HP-SEE, BSEC gEclipseGrid, Vi-SEEM, GN3plus, GN4 Phase 1 and GN4 Phase 2 projects.

Nicolai received his MSc. degree in Mathematics and Cybernetics from State University of Moldova, Chisinau in 1986. From 1983 he has been employed at the Institute of Mathematics with Computer Centre of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova, starting as a programming engineer and working now at the position of a senior researcher.