Pim Slot, SURF eContent for education, Netherlands

E-learning, e-skills, education and research development


In the eighties of the last century, Pim studied history at the University of Amsterdam, where he graduated with a study into the involvement of the Catholic ‘pillar’ in the Netherlands with the medium of film.After graduating, he started his working life at the Film and Science Foundation in Utrecht and then at the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision. There he managed several projects aimed at the use of the audiovisual archive in Dutch education. In 2006 Pim continued his career at SURF, the collaborative organisation for ITin Dutch education and research. There he held the position of manager of the licensing unit for a number of years, before focusing on licensing (scientific) information on behalf of university and college libraries.He also became involved in initiatives to develop a digital educational resource for Dutch higher education.Pim likes to connect people and initiatives, within and outside SURF, nationally and internationally. From his start at SURF, Pim has been active within ICOLC, the International Coalition of Library Consortia.He is an enthusiastic participant in this organization’s biannual conferences, both in Europe and North America. In 2010 and 2016, Pim organized the Fall conference, both times in his hometown of Amsterdam.Since 2021, Pim has been a member of the Coordinating Committee of ICOLC, and in collaboration with Jiri Jirat, among others, he organizes a monthly webinar for the ICOLC community in the EMEA timezone.These online webinars address the need for personal contact with people working in the field of scientific information licensing and are well attended.