Sergei Zolotarev

Institute of Applied Physics, National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

Sergei Zolotarev’s current main area of research is computer diagnostics and computer tomography based on few projections of industrial and biological objects. He is a specialist developer of mathematical algorithms and software for the reconstruction of objects under conditions of incomplete data  such as a restricted angle of view or a small number of projections. In particular, a developer of shell methods of reconstruction of multi-level objects that have a finite number of different homogeneous parts and separating boundaries defined by arbitrary closed envelopes, namely lines for 2D problems and surfaces for the 3D space.

After receiving an Electrical Engineer Diploma in technological measurements and devices from the Voronezh Institute of Technology in 1978, in 1992 Sergei was a candidate of physic-mathematical sciences thesis (Ph.D. equivalent) in Mathematical physics and differential equations at the Institute of Applied Physics National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. In 2010 he became a Doctor of Technical Sciences in Instruments and methods of control environment, substances, materials and products at the Institute of Applied Physics, National Academy of Sciences of Belarus.